Never Buy Too Much Candy Again!

How many Trick-or-Treaters did you have at your house last year? How much candy do you need to buy? No idea? That's because you didn't use GoblinCount - The Trick-or-Treater Counter.

With GoblinCount, every time a Trick-or-Treater visits your house, simply tap your iPhone / iPod touch screen. The counter will increase by one and you'll have an easy-to-use, accurate count of your little haunted visitors.

Then, next year, when you're out getting Halloween Candy, you'll know exactly how much to buy.

Sure - you could use a paper and pen to do the same thing, but then you have to remember to keep that paper for an entire year. We're not sure you can do that, but you'll certainly know where your iPhone / iPod touch is next year.

GoblinCount Benefits:
  • Simple, and Easy to Use
  • Never wonder how much candy you need to buy again - use past data to make an informed decision!

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