Locate the Ultimate Stud - YOU!

Show the Ladies how Studly you are with iStud - the Ultimate Ice Breaker.

Sure, other apps let you use your iPhone as a level, measuring tape, or even to calculate square footage of a room. But how are any of these "practical tools" going to help identify yourself as a catch to the ladies? Quick answer - they won't.

That's why we're pleased to introduce iStud - the perfect novelty Stud Finder application to help you break the ice - and start working your magic with any woman - at any gathering.

iStud appears to work like a real stud finder - you hold the "Start" button and start moving your phone along the wall as you would a real stud finder. After about 10 seconds, your phone will quickly vibrate to let you know it's about to "locate" a stud.

Once you feel the phone vibrate, take it away from the wall as if to "check if it's working" (e.g. "Hmm - must be broken, let me see if it works".) Then, hold your iPhone/iPod Touch in front of you and within a second or two, your screen will start flashing "STUD".

That's when you say "Seems to be working just fine", give your object of desire a little wink, and work your magic. With your iPhone/iPod touch in hand and obvious charm, style and studliness - how could she resist?

iStud is purely for entertainment purposes only and does not function as a real stud finder. Unless, of course, that Stud is you.

Where can you use iStud?
  • Parties
  • Bars
  • School
  • Work
  • Anywhere there's a fine lady you're looking to meet.

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