Beat Your Cravings and Save Your Money

We all have our vices. Things we just can't get enough of, but really aren't good for us.

Whether you're battling serious addictions to Alcohol or Cigarettes for example, or just can't stay away from the Extra-Large Latte, these vices have their costs.

One way to help battle our addictions is to see just how much money they are costing us. That's where Quit 'N Save can help.

Once you've entered in your addiction and related per unit cost, simply click into Quit 'N Save every time you feel a craving. Your potential total savings will be tracked and soon you'll see just how much you can save by avoiding your cravings.

Beating addictions is difficult and a serious commitment. With Quit 'N Save, things become just a little bit easier.

Quit 'N Save Features:
  • Support for multiple currencies, including Dollars, Euro, Yen and Pounds
  • Simple, and Easy to Use
  • Clear display of both cravings avoided and total savings

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