Focus on Your Running Goals

Runs To Go is designed for runners of all experience levels to help keep you focused on your running goals.

Novice runners can use Runs To Go to help get motivated to just lace up your shoes and get out the door. Simply set a goal (e.g. to Run 10 days in the next month) and let Runs To Go visually show you your progress.

Experienced runners training for a specific race, can use Runs To Go to help keep track of the number of miles you need to run in a given week as you train for your 1/2 marathon or marathon.

Key Features:
  • User preference to track Miles, Kilometres, or Days
  • Application Badge Icon shows you how many Miles/Kilometres/Days you have to go towards your goal
  • Set Distance and Day Goal on one simple control panel
  • Gives both Visual and Text indicators on how you're doing towards your goal.
Each time you complete your run, simply enter the number of miles or kilometres you ran, and Runs To Go will show you how far you've got left on your goal.

Runs To Go Highlights:
  • Suitable for both Novice and Experienced Runners
  • Track Runs in Miles, Kilometres, or Days
  • Application Badge Icon
  • Simple control panel
  • Visual and Text indicators

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